What are the Advantages of Cat Litters?

Perhaps, cats are the second best animals closest to humans next to dogs. They have that interesting appeal of friendliness and charm, are lovable and are easy to groom. However, on the ugly side, unlike dogs that are needed to be walked around to do their business, cats can do their business on their own. So if you are thinking of owning a cat pet in the near future, it is very essential that you study thoroughly the basic thing— purchase cat litters.

1. Most cat litters are bio-degradable.

Most cat litters sold in the pet shops are biodegradable. Thus, they will decompose and that means that they are environment-friendly. The types of biodegradable cat trays are those made from recycled paper, from natural materials such as wheat, soybean, and corn. The other types of cat litters such as those made from silica and other materials are biodegradable in both soil and water.

2. Cat litters are non-toxic to humans.

Human safety is valuable especially when considering some materials to be taken indoors. Cat litters are non-toxic, although they may have the tendency to contain a high amount of ammonia from cat urine. Cats that do not drink water too often urinate with high ammonia content that could be stored in the tray if not cleaned for a long time. The presence of a high amount of ammonia may be harmful to the respiratory system of the children, and pregnant women so it is advisable to always clean the litter very often. It should also be considered to place the litters to areas that are well-ventilated and with some organic plants.

3. Cat litters are easy to use.

There are two types of cat litters: the clump and the non-clump. In the non-clump litters, the litters are scooped and placed in a plastic bag directly towards the garbage disposals outside the house. In the clumped litters, the clamped portions of the cat litters are taken out and disposed into the garbage bag. The other way to dispose of them is to throw them into a compost pit. Since the litters are biodegradable, they will decompose in time.